It’s not actually that hot but close. Especially for us PNWner’s.

Had a relaxing morning after a night with minimal sleep. It was hot in our room. So had the window and fan on most of the night. Lots of noise outside. Leaving the fan to blow in cool air meant lots of light pollution. The topper was the toilet that had a slow leak and made noise every 10 minutes.

Dropping our resupply at Berners Mule Packers was easy peasy. Met Dee and her sister. 70 years old and still running a mule packing business.

Into Bishop where it’s hot. Got our bearings. Found the rental return and had lunch at Aaron Schats Road House Grill. His brother, Eric has the Bakkery (not a typo!). It was way too crowded. The bakery came highly recommended. The milkshake was awesome. The food was good but our appetites lacking, so in a way, not that good.

We are hanging in the city park in the cool, not actually cool but not as hot as full sun. Lots of smoke haze today. Heard a fire is burning in Yosemite.

Lone Pine Kurt picks us up at 4:30. Our rental needs to be returned by 3:30 at the latest. We will have an hour where we are not sure where to stay cool. Enterprise office is not open.

This will be the last installment for a while.