Paradise being state of mind, I guess. We flew to Reno. Not exactly paradise. But then the high Sierra would be my kind of paradise. Jean may think differently.

All went well getting to the Master Park long-term parking and then to the airport. Something new this time was scheduling our TSA check-in by choosing an appointment window of 15 minutes. 11:22 flight so chose 9:30 appt. We were 30 minutes early, so got in line. Moved pretty quick. I suspect that in time, the appointments won’t be free.

We shimmied up to the Alaska lounge where everything’s complimentary, including drinks.

We got to the gate a few minutes prior to departure when we learned the flight was delayed due to heavy smoke in Reno. At first it was uncertain for how long, then a two hour delay was announced, but just before we headed back to the lounge, they announced they’d be boarding soon.

Shortly after arriving at the gate, a couple walked up next to us – they were mask danglers – you know – below the nose people. And the announcer had just informed everyone again that masks were required. I made a point of speaking up. Of course they had every reason in the book. They were literally the only ones we all Saturday who were clearly trying to make a point snd be non-compliant. I got a photo of them at the baggage claim.

The line of planes was huge. We sat on the tarmac for at least 20 minutes. Take off was about 50 minutes late. but at last not delayed an entire day or many hours.

This photo does not show the line of 20 planes

Was sure glad to get to get to 10,000. Boy did I need to go. I felt like Austin Powers after a few centuries of crying-sleep! Evacuation complete!

It was close but I made it! Taking diamox for altitude exacerbates the issue.

Our snacks. Short flight and lingering covid concerns so I guess it’s just packaged snacks.
One of the flight attendants was very generous. 2 JD and 2 Baileys. The Crater Lake is left over from a previous flight. These will either be tasty in Trail or be good trading material.

We got our car no problem. Other than they were short staffed snd it took a while. Chevy Equinox. It drove straight!

A little In & Out on the way south. Good burgers. They were hand processing potatoes and onions.

The drive south to Mammoth was pretty easy. There was heavy smoke in Reno that slowly dissipated by Mammoth but not entirely. We traveled through the burn area that closed Hwy 395 a couple weeks ago. Amazing to see how far had come right forr we n a hillside, spared homes (or it was fought back) and then jumped 200 yards to the road, crossed the road, and started a fire 200 yards on the other side, literally sparing more homes. This was south of Gardenerville. In some areas it burned both sides right up to the road.

We arrived at the Cinnamon Bear about 6:30. Settled in. Went and had beer and dine food. Ready for tomorrow.

Gear reshuffled snd resupply boxes staged and 90% ready. Only need cheese, names, and taped up.