It’s been a few years since I posted a blog. Been on my mind to resurrect it for quite some time, just never make it happen. Welp. No time like the present. I have a few stories I want to get out into the inter webs. Don’t ask why. It’s not like the world will be a better place. But it does feed a creative side so that’s a plus.

It’s Tuesday which normally means race team ride. You know, going fast on a bicycle following closely behind, “the behind” in front of you.

It’s pissing rain So that might mean a ride inside on the trainer!

Time will tell, but the clock is ticking for making the ride, but the clock below is NOT ticking. That clock was from my dad. A gift a few years before he passed. It still works but makes a lot of noise, so it remains without battery and perpetually stuck on 8:30. Not sure if it’s AM or PM.

In the amount of time I wrote this, the rain has eased but it sure is wet out. Decision time. Inside where it’s dry but one gets sweaty wet. Or outside where it’s wet, but with less sweat.