When I started, or rather reinvigorated this blog, my hope was to produce consistent content. Last blog post – April 21, 2022. Not exactly consistent and certainly not current. I guess my feet have been busy taking steps in the right direction.

Descending Pinnacle Peak Trail, Mount Rainier National Park

It’s been a busy May, June, July, and start to August. There has been a bout of covid (yuck!), more training hikes for scrambling, actual scrambles, an attempt at Mount Adams, a road trip to South Lake Tahoe for a nieces wedding, which included Jean doing a half Ironman (iron woman) along the way, a national park, two mountain top summits, camping, and then back home for lots of cycling, some sea kayaking, and some long distance hiking. Oh, and the acquisition of an inflatable paddle board. Score! More on that later.

The only way to get around, in South Lake Tahoe!

Blue Hour

My plan is to catch up on these trips in future posts. For now, maybe a few snippets. I enjoy blogs that are well thought out. They have a solid theme, use a word or phrase to ground the topic, whether concretely or through an abstraction. I’m still finding my way. In photography some of the best times to shoot are in the blue hour and golden hour. I think my writing is analogous to the civil start or blue hour. Not that it’s great, but in reference to just waking up, feeling a bit groggy, chasing light.

Day break on Mount Adams.

Thank you REI – Rental Equipment Inc!

I’d been wanting a paddle board for 3 or 4 years. Well, thinking about it, not really wanting. Well, maybe that’s a want. Anyhoo, it’s been on my mind. On nice summer evenings I have felt like it would be fun. So, hi ho, hi ho, off to Costco I go. But the SUP I saw a few weeks ago isn’t inflatable, it’s rigid. I didn’t want to order one. From there it’s to REI. I was bummed to see only two options. One at $1200 (cough, choke), and another for $530. Still more than I wanted to spend. As I hymn’d and haw’d, I notice a box set off to the side. I looked at the tag. It’s a return. And only $160. It had Drift on the box. Could it be a SUP? I googled the name and it appeared so. I got an associate to assist and indeed it was a SUP. She shared it had been $399. Returned because of a paddle problem. Price, $160. I asked to see it unboxed and she agreed. It appeared unused and was. Score! I got it home and found one paddle section didn’t want to fit together. With a little convincing, it nested together and worked fine. I’ve since seen the same one on Amazon for $240, so maybe not half price, but still as awesome deal. This is my fifth great find at REI the past few years. Keep’s coming. Definitely a step in the right direction.

Found this beauty at REI. It was a return. Never used. Less than ½ retail!
Grandkids got more use than I did. That’s the patented jump off swim kick turn

What’s your approach to blogging?

For anyone reading, please share your approach to blogging. Do you start with a plan, or let it flow like a wild river? Use the comments to keep your steps in the right direction.