I launched this blog clear back in October, 2009, but have done nothing with it. Every time I think to myself – I need to blog something, I sit down and think, what the heck do I have to say that anyone would care about? To a large extent that’s the point of a blog, no one need care. Blogs seem to be more for the writer than the reader.

I lead a pretty busy life, so it stands to reason I have a tough time sitting down and blogging. Between work and classes at Evergreen, volunteering with the Mountaineers through kayaking and the Banff film festival, working with Camp Quixote (Olympia’s tent city shelter), riding with the local cycling race team and skiing, and somewhere in there is a personal relationship, it is a wonder I don’t just pop. Some days I certainly feel like it… popping that is.
When I sit back and reflect on those times when I’ve been extremely busy, and compare it to the times I witnessed people get awards for this and that, and listen to their list of involvement and accomplishments that are seemingly impossible, I realize – it is possible. It comes down to priorities and desire.
I have to wonder however, what drives people to be this way? I suppose some academic psychologist has spent a great deal of time researching the subject. In fact, the answer is probably in google. ‘In google’, now that might be a blog in itself. It could be that the innate drive to pursue an endless and compounding state of busyness is a way of coping with some hidden psychological disorder. Great, I’ve just diagnosed myself crazy!! Self diagnosis is a fundamental characteristic in Jungian psychology!
As Joseph Campbell tells in his works. Follow your bliss and you will be accepted into a world of happiness. This is not a direct quote, at least that I recall, it is just my take-a-way from some of his films I’ve recently watched. I suppose that for some, bliss is a drive to achieve, for others it is to do nothing, and everything in between of course. The real tragedy is those who choose to reside in a world of chaotic temperament and restlessness.
I am going to set myself a goal of at least one blog per month. Maybe I’ll shoot for another goal and try to get some followers.